About Us

LiveSafe Education was founded by Daniel Werzberger in 2015. In 2018, David Friedman joined the team and became Chief Instructor/Co-Director.

At LiveSafe Education we train people to be empowered and safe.

We are a small, purpose driven social enterprise that work in schools, corporates and non-profits to train your employees, students and clients of all ages to keep themselves safe. We teach our students to avoid, safely deescalate, and as a last resort, to fight their way to safety.

Our focus is on teaching simple and practical techniques for anybody to learn and implement when they need to. We pride ourselves on ensuring that each individual walks away more confident and secure. We have extensive experience working with diverse cohorts, ranging from neurodiverse students, religious communities and victim-survivors.

Our Team

Dave Friedman

Dave Friedman

Managing Director and Chief Instructor – BTech, KMI,

Dave is the Chief Instructor of Live Safe. He is also the Chief Instructor and Director of Krav Maga Australia, Live Safe’s self-defence school teaching more than 300 students in Victoria.

Dave has over 25 years of experience teaching personal safety and self-defence skills to adults and children alike. Growing up in a high crime society and working in counter-terrorism gave Dave a unique and valuable skill set to pass on through his teachings today. Dave is a personal safety expert and Trauma Informed Coach who is passionate about students maximising their personal security, whilst improving their skills, fitness and self esteem.

Daniel Werzberger

Daniel Werzberger

Founding Director – B.Com, DipFS, CPI

Daniel was a member of the Australian Karate Squad for many years and a former Australian Open (2022) and Victorian Karate (2021) Champion, as well as a qualified Krav Maga instructor.

Daniel is passionate about education and prevention when it comes to alcohol-related violence, assault and personal safety. He created Live Safe as a long-tailed strategy to reduce the number of these incidents occurring in Australia.

Shellé Friedman

Shellé Friedman

Director and Instructor

With qualifications and extensive experience as a Behaviour and Sensory Integration Analysist, Trauma Informed Coach and Fitness Instructor, Shellé brings her special skill set to every session to ensure that every individual gets the attention, focus and learning strategies they need to maximise their LiveSafe experience. Shellé also provides training and support to all our instructors ensuring that LiveSafe Education is best equipped to provide our clients with the highest level of training.

A dedicated professional of more than 16 years, Shellé’s diverse range of Australian and South African experience in corporate and education settings together with her work with sufferers of trauma: PTSD and victims of domestic violence, allows her to connect with clients and provide a sensitive, supportive and comfortable experience for every client.

As a mother of 2 with a petite stature of 151cm, Shellé’s passion is to empower other women in their ability to keep themselves and their loved one’s safe.

Razi Pilli

Razi Pilli

Instructor and Social Enterprise Development Officer

As a qualified Krav Maga instructor, Trauma Informed Coach and years of experience working in government as a policy writer, Razi brings a varied mix of skills to the LiveSafe team.

Razi is especially passionate about working and providing skills to those in the not-for-profit sector, especially when those doing this important work do so despite the inherent risks that go with it.

With a Master’s in Public Policy and government and advocacy experience, this unique blend of on-the-mat experience and off-the-mat work makes Razi perfect at managing grant and tender applications, supporting us with research and navigating bureaucracies.

The LiveSafe Model of Personal Safety


Making a SAFE decision to AVOID a potentially dangerous environment.


Making an EARLY decision to PREVENT becoming a victim of crime or avoidable accident.

Effective Escape

Physical self defence techniques to creates the time or distance needed to make an effective escape.